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Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm back

wow! tis been a long time since i wrote anything on the blog...
When i had started this blog( after being inspired by a guy in IIML ) i had thot that this wud be one place i wud pour all my thots into everyday..but alas! as with all my plans ..this wun cud just not be.
Nevertheless, now i have all the time in the world to write as much as i want on my blog.
anywayz,had my last prac today( lol...i can't believe twas an exam worth 2 credits)
this is what happened when i went inside:
Me:may i come in sir
Bheeku: haan haan beta, aao beta,baitho beta,beta,beta.....
MG:what kind uv certi is this...Paaaah--meeeeddd services, how cud u do yr trainin here?
ME: mam, tis a comp. that manufactures MRI machines,X-ray...blah blah...
MG: ok
LIC external: MRI? how does this MRI work?
Me: (almost jumping, this was the only answer i knew) Sir there is a tube, magnetic field...arbit thassa.....
LIC external: gd

some 2 minutes more of this and the discussion finally ended with this question "who is the head of the dept in ur brothers hospital" gimme a break ...r u really askin me that?

Can't beleive this was a viva,altho i didnt really work in my training or nething, i just presented this as an example of the farce that is called"Bachelor of Engineering"
newayz that shud be enuff for today,


  • hey dude
    nice to c u back here and in full flow. but but but.... this is wat bheeku had for me ' OFDM, Convolution codes, CDMA, PSK, FSK', so BE remains a tuf ask for me.
    ....... tht line in ur intro -'minimum input and just enough output' is really the essence of BE for most though. will b waitin for ur next post....rohit jain

    ps: plz allow anonymous comments.. tht will make it easy

    By Blogger Rohit Jain, at 11:57 PM  

  • hi..i really liked ur blog..n decided to write one of my own, (did help tht ur an iim grad nd n an nsitian)...then i read ur source of inspiration for startin it.strange is this life.
    nsit batch of 2k10

    By Blogger ashish, at 3:02 AM  

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