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Monday, December 13, 2004

Movies Masti Magic

Exams ended on 11th and now i have some grand plans for the holidays.
I have a host of activities lined up but the one that is exciting me the most at this point of time is the movies that i will be watching.
I got a hard disk frm hostel wid 17GB of movies and already i am having a ball.
Went to priya yesterday, watched Oceans' Twelve.I had heard some bad reviews about the movie but i found it awesome.I especially liked Rusty's(Brad pitt) character.While in the prequel he was the perfect criminal, no feeling or anything like that but this time he had a lil soft spot for Zeta Jones and of course the dialogue delivery by almost all the characters was mindblowing.
After i came back, watched 3 more movies-IQ-Under the tuscan sun-White chicks.Slept at 6 in the morn.Man i love these holidays!!
Anywayz, the silence of the lambs and godfather 2 lined up for today.
Will be talking bout some serious stuff on the blog soon,Stuff that has been troubling me for a while.
anywayz,for now,its movie time


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