Stoned Racounteur

Friday, May 20, 2005


Why am i hearing news of her gettin' married ?

Why does it take people so friggin' hard to understand simple stuff ?

Why do people pay good money to attend a lecture and then irritate the hell out of the teacher by giggling among themselves?

Why do intelligent people behave in an irresponsible manner ?

Why the f*** does it have to be hot as hell in Delhi ?

Why do I have to implement "The EM algorithm" to complete my B.E. ?

What the hell is an "EM algorithm" anyways ?

Why would anyone like to invent a monster like DSP ?

Why arent there enough movies of Elisha Cuthbert ?

Why has "Laloo has now put on his undie and is proceeding towards the wardrobe" become breaking news on national TV ?

What is with IIML sending a 200 page book on "How to read balance sheets", before joining ?

Who the hell is Mallika Sherawat and why is she getting so much media coverage?

Screw it, I'm goin' 'ome !




  • ohh boy....tere ko bhi tension ho gayi naaa...aur mere ko bolta tha "take things less seriously" :P

    waise i know y the L ppl have sent tht buk...its theor way of saying "WELCOME TO HELL >:)"


    By Blogger rohit kaul, at 8:54 AM  

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