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Sunday, February 19, 2006


A step by step recall of the awesome-est trip back home !

-> Got sick of Lucknow
-> Two days without classes approaching
-> Decided to go back home 3 hours before train
-> Paid 1800 bucks for a ticket worth 785 :O
-> Came back home on the 17th, arrived late at night.
-> Rushed off to friends place to meet a childhood friend
-> Came back home at around 2 AM.
-> Out again at 2:30 AM with Neighbourhood junta.
-> Called it a night at some 5 AM in the mornin !
-> Woke up at 10 AM
-> Excited as hell about prospective aish in the next 48 hours.
-> Spent time catching up with folks@home.
-> Time for a massive drinking binge...muahahahaha !
-> Drank
-> Had coffee
-> Drank a lil more
-> OK...Drank a lot more
-> By the way, "Punjabi By nature" is oh-sum !
-> Somehow managed to stand straight
-> Fell asleep
-> Woke up 6 AM.
-> Woke up as many friends as possible.
-> Only one girl woke up :)
-> I did not complain :P
-> Off for breakfast with her to the aptly named "Gole Market".
-> Choley Bhature rock !
-> Lassi rocks even more !
-> Drove back home on smoooooooth 8 laner
-> Press the pedal a little harder.
-> Press the pedal to the floor!
-> Eeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa !!!
-> Phew!....That awesom-ish feelin again !
-> Back home again for financial rejuvation.
-> Gave sheepish look to mom.
-> Financial revival occured instantaneously !
-> Mum makes paranthas with butter tending to infinity!
-> No complaints from me :)
-> Financial revival now coupled with gastrological revival.
-> Decided to blog about this.
-> Almost done.
-> Now off to CP for an 8 hour drinking marathon
-> Balls to Lucknow !
-> I love you Delhi !

2 days of absolute heaven, this is life at its very best!


  • Good fer you! I doubt lucknow missed you either...

    By Blogger Prerna, at 4:48 PM  

  • And oh ya! You've been tagged. Now you'll have to visit my blog to see the rules...

    By Blogger Prerna, at 6:07 PM  

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