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Friday, December 17, 2004


Holidayz have just started but i already have an inkling that this is not going to be the joyride i thot it was going to be.While books make for good company i still feel that it will get real boring reeeeel soon.

Anywayz, am getting bored so will blog some get ready for a pile of BS that i am going throw at u.

I was thinking about the kind of lingo that we in college use and then realized that the way i talk now is completely different from when i entered this college.While there has alwayz been a heavy mix of abuses while i talk to my friends but recently in college some rather fascinating words have come up.

A few of them that are at the top of my mind right now would be

Thassa: this is the most excessively used word in the NSIT campus."Thassa " means BS.Thats right it means pure unadulterated bull shit.Be it someone trying to fool a teacher who is keen on knowing the number of butterflies in an 8 pt DFT or be it a guy trying to explain it to his gf why he cudnt talk last night while he was boozing like crazy in the hostel, thassa is the word u use.

Arbit: quite obviously a short form for "arbitrary".The word has encompassed all spheres of NSIT life and is now used freely even in places where a sane man would question its presence.It refers to anything that is out of the scope of undersatnding of an engineer, whatever cannot be comprehended will be termed as "Arbit".

Max: derived from "maximum". it is not used like its ancestor "maximum", main use include prefixing senteces with maxx to emphasize on a particular object.
examples include "max phat gayi","max hot chick","max mazaa aaa gaya","kal humne hostel mein max daru pi"

Ghissu : "bookworm".Used by ppl like me to refer to ppl those who do well in sem exams.

Fun: while traditionally associated with activities, NSITians have taken the use of this word to another level.A hot chick, or a crazy idea or a nice brand of vodka can be "FUN".

Unfun:The previous word has given rise to this.An example would be a faadu subject like digi. comm. which wud be termed as "unfun".

Suppli: A demon that i have stayed away from ,till now.Refers to a failed subject.

Chicklet: this has been coined by none other than our drummin friend "Kaushal".Refers to a gurl who makes ur body do funny things.

Admin: the portion of NSIT campus where ppl are paid for sitting on their asses and not doing anything.

Well those are some of the words, i am sure that there are more but cant quite recall them.

adios amigos



  • yaa man
    gotta say tht this post was no arbit thassa and in these last few days it seems u hav posted to max of ur abilities :-)

    keep bloggin
    Rohit Jain

    By Blogger Rohit Jain, at 3:40 AM  

  • MAX KEWLIOS post man .............
    keep the good work on....

    By Blogger nitin, at 10:17 PM  

  • thanx mates
    gr8 to have some comments..
    keep visiting

    By Blogger Rohit Anand, at 10:20 PM  

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