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Monday, June 27, 2005

Ek vaccine ho jaaye

Weird title.I know. But hear me out.

First things first.I have reached IIML and got the room and am still trying to get all the stuff in order.The campus seems nice but it is freakishly hot and humid here. The sweat literally pours off the person's forehead and i could see them drops falling.Facilities seem good but i have only been here for some4 hours till now so I haven't really seen much.

But of course, 3 days ago things were not as rosy as they seem today.

As part of the formalities for IIML, I had to get vaccinated for typhoid.As an obedient minion I dragged my ass and did so. Little did I know what was about to follow.After exactly one week I was struck by a massive attack of "Acute Typhoid" as the tests showed later.

I would like to thank Indian drug companies for changing the meaning of the word "Vaccine".

So there i was lying for a length of 10 days with fever ranging from the oh-so-friendly 99 F to balls-shattering 105 F.

I was told that i may have Hepatitis and would not be able to join IIML in that case.I spent quite a few days in disbelief, scared shitless of the possibility of this impending disaster.

Anyways, as they say Alls well that ends well.

I have been recovering, though still heavily dependent on medicines I have been able to join in peace.

God bless.



  • hi Rohit,
    Get well soon
    and All the best


    By Blogger saurabh ohri, at 3:23 PM  

  • Get well soon, and atb :)

    By Blogger Ellipsis, at 9:05 PM  

  • get well dude... and good luck.

    By Anonymous shireen, at 4:19 PM  

  • Hey good luck from my side too...

    By Blogger B., at 4:47 PM  

  • dude...roomie kaun hai..male ya female :D

    the very best..ofcourse

    By Blogger QuintEssence, at 10:12 PM  

  • thanks for all the wishes..i have almost recovered...tho still on medicines

    roomie nahin re single rooms hain...but very nice chix here :)

    will blog about it soon


    By Blogger Rohit Anand, at 10:42 PM  

  • rassi kati par bal nahi gaya ! Only an NSITian can ogle despite his whole admission process in tatters ! Get well soon Sir :)

    By Anonymous adi, at 1:24 AM  

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