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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Revelations from Inside

As a part of my I-won't-repeat-my-mistakes-in-engineering drive I have been trying to study for the past few days.

Something peculiar happened today.We had a QAM quiz .Fairly straightforward quiz and I was rather dissapointed by this fact since I was hoping for a fk-all quiz so that the commerce junta(Not quite my favourite lot, more on this later) would get a feel of what we engineers go through everytime we have a MANAC quiz.

5 minutes into the quiz, I was good and done, feeling satisfied that atleast I didn't mess up in a subject I know I'm good.Then the prof came in and wrote the most important formula on the board.

I was surprised by what i felt then, weird RG psychology crept in.I cursed under my breath.RG, for the uninitiated, is Relative Grading.

This was not something that I could identify with.Having had a don't-give-a-tiny-rat's-ass attitude in four years of engineering had made me impervious to trivialities such as grades, exams et al.Never could I imagine such a response.

This is Weird Shit indeed. Not something I am especially proud of.

Coming back to junta from commerce background.Barring exceptions, I have somehow found the lot to be rather , hmmmmm how do I put they have a pole shoved up their bum.They seem to have a frown on their face all the time and their smirks during the MANAC class make me want to crush their *beep* .

Here's an example :

MANAC Prof : So will the expenditure be capitalized ?

Commerce Asshole : Depends on the how big my head is . Since I have done a B.Com and I am a CA as well, I am superior to all engineers and hence my propensity to act like a bitch.

MANAC Prof : Very nice explanation indeed.

Commerce Asshole : Smirks and places his sorry ass back on the seat.

This is only one of many incidents.

Disclaimer: These are my views and I have met exceptions the same.Just that I have met quite a few who fit the bill.

Have a good day .



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