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Monday, December 27, 2004


Hi guyz,

Life is starting to get a lil organised after getting calls, seems like the new responsibility of converting the calls is going to change the way i handle my time.

Anywayz, after spending a loooooooot of time on PG( for the uninitiated) i wondered about the concept of comparing different IIMs.When I am talking of this comparison I am talking about ABC only(no offence to LIK).

When people compare the IIMs, the discussion will often revolve around topics like Infra,Faculty,Placements, Industry Interface et al.But what my query is that how many of the students actually look at these when they decide b\w ABC.

The general rule is that u choose "A over B over C".Unless of course u were brainwashed by a senior of yours and u just have to go to B\C and u dun give a damn bout A or you just can't stay without daru and gujrat being a dry state , IIMA is simply ruled out for u.

Anywayz, what i am trying to come to,is that in the end the debate of IIMX Vs IIMY (where X,Y ={A,B,C}), ends up being an ego clash between people who are alredy studying in those particular IIMs.

A dood in IIMB will claim that IIMB=IIMA and IIMB>>IIMC, while an IIMA student will simply write off IIMB\IIMC as lesser colleges without giving it a second thought.

I have yet to meet a B-schooler who does not follow the "My daddy strongest" policy(Apart from mebbe Mike(IIML)...another dood at PG).
While their tirades against each others' college may seperate them, what bring them together is the concept of "I slept for only 4 hours"

For some reason each of them is out to prove that they are the busiest people in the friggin world.OK, I understand that these people worked hard to get thru but for god sakes stop pretending like u dun have "the time to sit down and breath" guyz.I know that the "fight" in an MBA is much greater than in BE but really if go from one extreme of lazyness(BE) to the other extreme(IIM) u r bound to feel it is out of the ordinary.

Only one guy(from IIML) who has told me the truth that while very B-schooler will proclaim to sleep on "4 hours" in a day none of them will care to add that they still do as much "bakchodi" as they did in their engineering days.

Its been about 7 months since i have been visiting PG and to tell you the truth I am rather sick of all the "My B-school rocks" threads.All being replete with incidents on how they partied so hard after studying so hard and how they cudnt keep their eyes open in class coz they slept for "4 hours" last night.

I am in an engineering college, in the sem that has jussed passed, we were in max masti mode. In the hostel there have been many times I have slept at 6 and woken up at 10 so please stop before u tell me that its hard to do, I am not buying it anymore!


P.S:Just to add , this is not directed towards anyone in particular and this is what I feel, not necesarily true, just my thoughts.


  • "sleeping for 4 hours" thats a personal branding exercise i guess!

    tell potential recruiters that i am hardworking (insominac)

    but for girls its GEEK ALERT!

    By Blogger amIda1, at 1:53 PM  

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