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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Whats' on TV, Honey !

I was just watching the news and i noticed a common ring to all of the stories.Each of them seemed to have something or the other to do with sex.

"SEX", its a funny lil word that can make a lotta indians uncomfortable.While we are the most proficiently expanding nation in the world (numerically), the word sex is still considered taboo. Weird lil hypocricy,isnt it ?

Anywayz, i'm digressing from the topic i wanted to talk about. So i'm watching the news and all i see is SEX SEX SEX everywhere.I mean for gawd sakes who gives a shit if kareena kapoor and shahid khan were taped kissing , or if a 12 class chick and her bf decided to tape an act that most kids in school are doing anywayz.Why is there this obsession with SEX?

The media is supposed to be an indicator of the level of maturity that a society has reached.If we go by the kind of reports on TV, then i gotta say , we all must be just a bunch of sex starved perverts who would shag the next thing that we see moving!!

But we do know that our society has matured as time has gone on and sex is slowly coming out of the clauset, so in effect we should have more mature instruments of mass media, shouldn't we? Sadly enuff, we don't.The reason? Simple, SEX SELLS!Thats right , at any point of time more ppl will watch a hot chick running around naked than a documentary about global warming!

So we come to the question of the role of the media.Is it supposed to follow the simple laws of economics and supply what is in demand or should the media focus on reports that are more substantial in nature ?

Hmmm, hard task answering that question....anyways, I still think that good hard hitting journalism can make ratings go as high or even higher than some sleazy story.If we look at ppl like christianne amanpour(CNN) or Tim Sebastian(BBC) we can see that some journalists have delivered mind blowing performances in creating awareness about prudent issues and these reports have delivered awesome ratings too.So it can be done! Its just a matter of the indian media waking up and realizing that there is more to report than sex,violence and gore!


  • yeah..... its time tht indian media grow up and bring forth the real issues. dps mms, anara gupta.... is tht the stuff these ppl r so proud of and then the claim comes... sabse tez..... gimme a break. v dont need ne masala-mix ... oooh man i m gettin hyper

    gud stuff dude .... keep bloggin

    Rohit Jain

    By Blogger Rohit Jain, at 1:24 AM  

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