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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Oh happiness! Where art thou?

I have been wondering about whether I should write on a particular topic that has been bothering me for some while now. Finally, I decided that better to get my thoughts out of my system rather than letting them linger behind.

Alright, here is a question for anyone who is reading this blog


Some days ago a friend of mine asked me this question and it left me dumbstruck. I was amazed at the fact that I did not have a clue about what I would do. While I consider myself to a very practical and goal oriented person, it came as a shock to me that all my goals were material in nature. It left me really confused about what I want to do in life. Do I really want to pursue and MBA or do I want to work in a company or do something that I really want to. Irony is that I don’t have clue about what I want to do!

This particular dilemma has its roots set in another particularly peculiar problem. In the last one year I have talked to many of my friends about what would it take for them to be happy? While most answers seemed to be about money, success, traveling abroad or climbing the corporate ladder, I could not find one answer that seemed convincing enough and one which would really provide a person with long lasting happiness. It is not surprising then that most ppl in the S\W industry (i.e. where engineers end up)even after earning lotta money, traveling abroad and doing all sortsa stuff still think that their lives are shit!

I used to think that doing an MBA and then having a career in marketing would make me happy. I can’t believe that I ever believed that BS that I had cooked up for myself. I for one feel rather stupid now when I think about the fact that I am running like crazy after an MBA when I for one don’t have a clue why I want to do an MBA. How long can a person keep on doing things simply for the sake of money?

The damned problem doesn’t end there. The friggin shit drives me crazy when I find something that interests me but I cant pursue it ‘coz I dun have the balls to opt for something that puts the security of my future in danger. So I stick to the traditional Engg.\MBA career and keep on cribbing about the fact that I don’t have an iota of interest in this particular field.

So all in all I am confused!!!
I know that tomorrow when I wake up , I will still be running like crazy after that IIM MBA and my goals will be just the same as they are today, mebbe one day I’ll find the courage to conquer my fears and find a real source of happiness and have the balls to go for it.

Till then, its IIM Zindabad!


  • I know the feeling dude!
    Happens to me all the time. Don't where I am headed. I haven't even started the rat race & I feel tired.
    BOL to you & Happy Holidays.
    A fellow engineer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:55 PM  

  • hey rohit

    now this really got me thinkin ... its a call for introspection. and tell u thts the most difficult job...ppl talk of reading others.... man thts peanuts compared to readin urself

    Rohit Jain

    By Blogger Rohit Jain, at 1:18 AM  

  • hey dude nice to hear from you again..
    ya i guess tis hard when u see that u've really been living in ignorance
    anywayz..keep visitin

    By Blogger Rohit Anand, at 2:04 AM  

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