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Friday, January 28, 2005

Mock Interview #1- Is this the sign of things to come?

I had my first mock interview today at CL. I was screwed big time.Heres’ the transcript and do gimme some feedback guys.

Me-Rohit, Panel: P1-lady, P2-guy
P1: tell us some thing bout yourself
Me: told
P2: Why MBA
Me: 4 years in coll, did nuthin but took part in mgmt. contests, enjoyed it thoroughly. read books on mgm, journals, like ‘em.Interaction with studs., faadu profs,infra
P2: what bout 4 years in engg….why don’t u use that?
Me: repeats…even when in tech school, took part in mgmt stuff, want to create max “value”…limited scope as an engineer…
P2: don’t gimme vague and superfluous answers
Me: will enhance skill sets….blah blah
P1: read newspapers?which ones?
Me: yeah, ET.
P1: which company owns ET
Me: Bennett colmann
P2: In how many cities is it printed?
Me: no idea sir
P2: Headlines in todays edition
Me: told
P1: Interest in stock mkt haan?
Me: yeah
P2: what is a mutual fund?
P2: Name 10 in India
Me:LIC,UTI cholamandalam,HDFC, SBi LIC….can recall only these sir
P2: how many schemes of SBI
Me:87(thot I read it somewhere…P2 nods…,methinks he didn’t know it either)
P2 : what is I banking?
Me: told…bout private wealth mgmt and other shit like they maximize returns with least risk….
P2: whats the scene in india?
Me: not too many here, merril lynch, morgan Stanley,Deustch bank….GS doesn’t have even an office in India…
P2: where do they invest?
Me:stock mkts
P2: which sector…
Me: dunno exactly but methinks more like an index fund…balanced investement across all sectors(P2 nods again…I am sure he knew nothing bout this)
P2: ok…what price is ranbaxy trading at?
P2: SBI?
Me: 630?
P2: sure?
Me:errrrrrr……not exactly…
P2: gimme quotes of any 10 stocks..
Me: for some reason forgot almost everthing…cud give only 3-4
P2: hafta check that…smiles wickedly…
P1: lets come to acads
Me: nooooooooooooo…….
P1: GSM?
Me: told
P2: compare…
Me: ok….gsm better qual, cdma cheaper, higher capacity…
P2:what do u know bout 8085…
Me: mumbled summin
P2: 8086?
Me: additions to 8085…16 bit paging, segmentation,can address more memory, higher clk freq…
P2; which companies manufacture these?
Me: Intel, Atmel…Motorola did 68000 viz very similar….
P!: what is a bio chip
Me: dunno
P!: why is a chip called a chip?
Me:*baffled*…goes on about how they chip wafers off the semiconductor mass)
P1, P2: both smile…wryly
P2: who is prez of India
P1: vice prez?
Me: told
P1: previous vece prez…
Me: dunno….mebbe APJ?
Both : whaaaaaaaatttt?
P2: gdp of India
Me:$477 billion
P2:talk bout ITES sector
P2: which five year plan going on?
Me: 10th
P2: salient features
Me: gawd only knows …
P2: gimme names of 10 governors in India
Me: ( I was like….faakkk dude what the hell r u asking me?)…dunno
P2: lieutenant governors?
P2: diff b\w lt governor and governor?
Me: lieutenant is subordinate…
P2: sure..
Me:not really..
P2:full form of UPA
P2:gimme 5 parties in their alliance…
Me: cong, RJD,DMK,CPI(M),SDF..last wun was a tukka since I cud not recall anymore
P2: achievement of UPA..
Me: another vague anwswer
P2:handling of Tsunami
Me:blabbers some inanities about how they refused aid frm other countries to work independently..
P2: ok Rohit why should we not take u..
ME:I haven’t answered all the questions u asked me..(should have said..most but said some
P2: what will u bring to our insti..
Me: have done comm. Service have seen plight of ppl…will bring a different perspective and hence will diversity…
P1: thank you
ME: me sheepishly thanx em and go out thinking bout how it cud go so badly

Nothing on my strong hobbies like reading and blogging ;-)
Damn! Only some 3 weeks left now…gotta really pull up my socks…


  • gee... toooo much GK yaar...
    anywz ... best of luck .. n keep posting ur experiences...

    lator .......

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 PM  

  • was it a gk test or interview...ur mock really ended up in a mockery:))=))....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 AM  

  • was it a gk test or interview...ur mock really ended up in a mockery:))=))....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 AM  

  • hey
    i sumhow feel that ur mock was good if not exceptional.i have seen people faltering including urs truly.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:34 PM  

  • hey tnx mate...just that there was such a long line of "I am not aware sirrrrr" tat it got irritatin..somehow i cud not create the right impression...anywayz got anuther wun on monday

    By Blogger Rohit Anand, at 3:24 PM  

  • Wandered and landed somewhere in this blog world. Anyway I would pitch in with what I know. Yours seem to be a good mock.. what with some research that 30% of the questions are unansweered in an IIM interview. ATB!

    By Blogger Govar, at 10:02 PM  

  • hey
    ya i know i guess coz twas my first intw so proba lil nervous...2nd was awesome and am geed up like a madman now!

    By Blogger Rohit Anand, at 4:29 PM  

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