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Monday, January 24, 2005

News that makes me think

5 people killed as army jawans throw them out of the Farakka Express

The army jawans told others passengers to get out the compartement without rhyme or reason.When some protested, they were thrown out of the train and then were run over by a passing train.Sad really, that our “glorious” army harbors such maniacs. Incidents like these highlight the value of life in India. Imagine the repercussions if something like this happened in a country like Sweden\Norway\ Switzerland, where the population is still small enough to make them respect the value of a human being and feel the pain when fellow citizens are murdered.

3 % reservation for disabled in IAS.

I will not say that I understand the pain of being physically challenged because that would be an insult to the suffering of those who were dealt a hard hand by luck but I will voice my disapproval against this decision.This action was taken after Ravi Arora , a physically challenged IAS aspirant was denied a seat because he was physically handicapped .What I don’t understand is that how does this incident warrants a reseravation of 3%? Why not make I clear to the selection committee that the candidate must not be rejected\selected based on is physical capabilities.Why this obsession with creating quotas?

DMK alleges misuse of Tsunami Relief Funds

Now there are two things possible here.

DMK is right: How low can our politicians and bureaucrats fall? Stealing money from people who have lost homes, families and livelihood.
DMK is wrong and is simply alleging to gain political mileage out of a disaster that killed over 1,50,000 people.
So you see, neither scenario makes me especially proud of my country.

Father sells child for Rs 500 to cremate wife

Don’t know how to react to this.


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