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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

'K'ool interview @ K

I've been a bit of a lazy arse for the last few dayz...too much sleeping and no work...anywayz, my IIMK interview was on 6th March @ 9 Am @ IMI's the transcript...

GD: well I had a gr8 GD this time, not a vague wun like IIMA...

The PI:

M- Me P- Stud prof S- Silent prof M- good mornin Sir!
P- Mornin ,morning!
P- which companies have ya been placed in?
M- TCS n Mindtree…
P- which wun r ya gone choose?
M- Mindtree
P- Why
M- talks bout smaller company, higher growth, more interaction wid seniors, involved in social welfare programs
P- how do u define growth?(why am I asked such global questions )
M- revenues, employees arbit chit chat….
P- how does revenue growth affect u as an employee?
M- If the mgt is willing, benefits passed on to employees….
.S - is that the only criteria then? Money?
M- No sir, one of the criteria, but an imp one
S- what else?
M- learnin opportunities
P- howz Mindtree better than TCS in those terms?
M- sir it has a flatter hierarchy and open culture….even at the lowest rung of chain I can go upto seniors n talk to ‘em…get to learn a lot more…
P- So has mindtree done justice to what it planned?
M-ya sir one of the fastest growing companies n USP was a stud mgt team, still there…somewhere mentioned bout work culture…
P- relate work culture to the term culture…
M- globe………
P- so what are these employer rating agencies?
M- rates on basis of diff parameters…employee satisfaction…etc
P- name one
M- Hewitt associates
P- which companies at the top?
M—Fedex and TI…positions 1 and 2 reversed this year
P – so tell me…relate revenue growth to employee satisfaction…
M- relates…
P- so we have a kind of a circle dun we/
M- yes sir…
P- so who loses if I pay the employees more
M- sir since the co has fixed resources…less capital left to invest back into the company…
P- ok suppose if I own a shop, there’s a shop floor guy n a manager…the manager decides to give him more money on the basis of better performance…dun I lose then?
M- sir if the revenue has gone up means the floor guy has done a gd job, hence rewarding him is fair since he is the reason that sales going up…while u might get less profit in short term, in the end u will benefit…
P- relate this to dividends(me had written stock mkts in interests )
M- u pay div, have less to invest in company left but retain suitable investors..blah blah
P- which companies tend not to pay dividends…
M- depends both on company policay as well as market culture…in UK there is a culture of giving dividends come wht may, while In India a company which is new and needs capital to invest back may not issue dividends
P- which company gives div?
M- Infy did+ bonus shares…
P- which dun?
M- dunno any specific company but like I told before based on capital requirements
P- c’mon u r close to the answer..stretch ur mind a lil…so would a company like L & T give div?
M- possible coz it’s a large company with adequate resources n wud like to retain faithful investors…
P- do u invest?
M- only by proxy, dun earn meself so if I convince my pop then he invests..
P- which company?
M- Dena bank…IPO…globe
P- u’ve mentioned abt case studies …u organize?
M- take part as well as organize…both @ coll n outside….
P- recent?
M- globe abt case study contest thread I saw on an online forum
P- which forum?
P- when did it start?
M- ‘02
P- we have a student here, he is also part of this forum, ravi
M- yes yes, know him
S(Now silent guy wakes up to kick my ass using the tool called “acads”)
S- so communication engineer huh?
M- yes sirrrrrrrrrrr (plz dun do this to me man!)
S- so I see u’ve done a course on antennaes
M- Yes( Now way man! Anything but antennas (plz stop plz…)
S- so whats this DTH
M- tells lil bit…
S- howz it diff frm erlier…
M- talks abt AM FM QAM
S- modulation haan?M- yes sir…
S- where dus it take place? Set top box?
M- no sir demodulation on set top box modulation at source…
S- draws dish antenna n dipole antenna…now @ wt height is the dish @?
M- no idea sir
S- frequency?
M- GHz
S- earlier?
M- not sure but mebbe 900 Mhz but not sure…
S- so u mentioned in the GD bout regulatory authorities….can u name any?
P- but that’s for a specific sector…
M- yes sir telecom…
S- any authority for all bureaus?
M- dunno
M- ya sirr…chief vigilance commission
S- dya know that they’ve some out wid ratings for IAS?
M- no sir…
S- its on their website…
M- haven’t visited it sir
P- ok, any other calls?
M- all except I
P- had any interviews yet?
M- yes, IIMA
P- hmmm, allright then All the best!( Man why me , why do they wish me this in all the intws )
P- thank you Rohit
M – thanks sir…n walks out

It lasted about 20-25 minutes…Aprrt from the acads part I think the interview went well…I have a gud feeling bout this but gawd only knows what the people frm IIMs are looking for….waiting for feedback…Ciao


P.S: the guy after me was also wished “ATB” but he had a fantabulous PI…so I’m not worried bout it


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