Stoned Racounteur

Monday, September 26, 2005

Phisy Phinance

Take a look at this , these doods are some creative thugs !

I especially like this one

"Apparently WorldCom felt that office pens, pencils, and paper were an investment in the future of the company and therefore capitalized the cost of these items over a number of years"

And how much did these friendly folks from the US of A capitalize ? A meagre $3.8 Billion!!!

Thats $ 3,800,000,000 :).Pretty. Innit?

I can just imagine Cartman's mom saying " Poopiekins, that's not a nice thing to do ! "

@home these days, catching up with friends, getting loads of treats from newly employed batchmates, and of course watching load of movies :)

Finally got a bit of time to read what i've wanted for a long time, finding the going rather slow with me mum trying to stuff food down my throat ad infinitum.No complaints.

Life is good.
Just one void.
God rest the soul of the unsuccessful lover.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Thank You Oh Sweet Lord

As i look ahead i see

11th Sunday - MANAC Submission +Classes
12th Monday - ITM + VB Quiz
13th Tuesday - BIO submission
14th Wednesday - Wooohooo!!! ( Dunno whats in store here)
15th Thurday - ECO + MANAC presentation + OM Submission
16th Friday - ITM project + presentation
17th Saturday - ECO submission
18th Sunday - Holiday :)
19th Monday - Classes :

And lest i forget

20-23 End Terms

Add to that there is least one more quiz for OM,QAM,MANAC,BIO to be squeezed in somewhere in there.

Ain't I lucky !

Saturday, September 03, 2005


So here I am back again with a promise not to write a one line post :)

I've just come back from a survey I had to do for my ECO project. Marketing Research is quite obviously out as far as a career in it is concerned.

The last two months have been an amazing journey for me. Not that I have carved a picasso out of a rat's ass, just that I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life and it fels amazingly good to learn about it everyday.

When we joined the campus, we had alumni address us on various issues concerning the program. There awas one underlying theme in it.


Now I know that many might think that this is simply globe and nothing of substance.

Let me try to change your mind.

I went through engineering without giving a shit to studies, going through the motions, passing everytime but never ever making an effort to learn anything.In the end, I sat for any arbit company that would come for placements, not really knowing what I wanted.

I now realize that it is a crime to not even make an effort to find your passion. Life is simply not worth living if you don't know your own aim. While I had an inkling about what I wanted to after an MBA, I spent the quite a bit of time in my first two months here , making sure that i was not mistaken.

Now that am sure, it feels good to know that If I work hard enough to get into that field, I'll be happy all my life.

What is surprising for me is that many of the people i have met here are simply not interested in any such academic pursuits. Forgive me for being a prick , but I think that a post graduate program is not one where you are supposed to just go through the motions.It seems that this view is held by a very small minority of the people I'have met here.

I was part of the ignorant majority in engineering, no way am I joining the herd again.

Anyways, too much about that.

Apart from this , I have now become a full fledged "maggu" as they call us :). Much of this behavior of mine is because of a need of not repeating mistakes I made in engineering.

Mid terms also happened somewhere in the middle of all this. Doing well in the MANAC exam has certainly made the effort I had put in worthwhile.

If I may, I would like to dispel this myth about MANAC being a monster. It is no such thing. It is simply new to engineers, hence requires a commensurate effort in igesting the fundas.I personally have loved MANAC. If you want to get into investing, you have to be comfortable with balance sheets, cash flows et al. and MANAC is the route to that.

I have had to curb down on my reading of non academic books after coming here.

Curently I am reading an amazing book on currency trading.

The numbers involved in the money market are simply mind boggling.The money market comprises of 74% of total trading aggregate of all markets!!!
The kind of decisions that these guys in the market take are real gut wigglers.Hopefully I can finish this book before end terms, which are starting in another 2 weeks.

And before I forget again, about three weeks ago, I became an engineer! An electronics angineer at that. Give me a breadboard and a pice of bread and I won't be able to decide which one is which, but that's another story .


P.S: I had made the mistake of judging some commerce junta on face value. Now that I have gotten to know them , these chaps aren't too bad .