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Monday, June 27, 2005

Ek vaccine ho jaaye

Weird title.I know. But hear me out.

First things first.I have reached IIML and got the room and am still trying to get all the stuff in order.The campus seems nice but it is freakishly hot and humid here. The sweat literally pours off the person's forehead and i could see them drops falling.Facilities seem good but i have only been here for some4 hours till now so I haven't really seen much.

But of course, 3 days ago things were not as rosy as they seem today.

As part of the formalities for IIML, I had to get vaccinated for typhoid.As an obedient minion I dragged my ass and did so. Little did I know what was about to follow.After exactly one week I was struck by a massive attack of "Acute Typhoid" as the tests showed later.

I would like to thank Indian drug companies for changing the meaning of the word "Vaccine".

So there i was lying for a length of 10 days with fever ranging from the oh-so-friendly 99 F to balls-shattering 105 F.

I was told that i may have Hepatitis and would not be able to join IIML in that case.I spent quite a few days in disbelief, scared shitless of the possibility of this impending disaster.

Anyways, as they say Alls well that ends well.

I have been recovering, though still heavily dependent on medicines I have been able to join in peace.

God bless.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Consumed in the past 24 hours


This is for those with a funny bone that goes mad when tickled by four messed up and profusely swearing kids.Absolutely devoid of logic,this is a riot.

Main course

I know.Tis pulp fiction.But fun nonetheless.I loved the 1940s setting :).


Nice movie.

Worth the 50 bucks.Not a paisa more, Not a paisa less.Big houses, fascinating cars , good story and some pretty women :).


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weather woes

This sucks !

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cart-orgasmic !

Well since i was a kid, I've had this fascination for books.It started with the famous five and Hardy boys. Slowly taking the natural course leading to Grisham and the likes. Then came the "Value-add" books phase where i would read only those books which would "help" me in the future.

Now i read whatever i can get my hands on, trying, albeit slightly, to avoid run of the mill books.

While there have been many books that have made me sit up and take notice, there is this one book which is like none other.

I am not sure whether it can be called a "book" in the conventional sense.It is a book which comprises of maps. But wait a second , these are not maps of countries and continents. These are maps of emotions, of feelings, of experinces in life.

Hence the name "The Atlas of Experience"

The Atlas of Experience is a metaphorical thunderclap. This book is beyond anything you’ve ever seen—and that’s seen, not read.

The Atlas is very whimsical, and that is its strength. The airport in the country of Boredom is called Automatic Pilot. Sparksfly is a mountain near the Volcanoes of Passion, in the country of Stream of Ideas. Tip of the Tongue marks the southern-most point on the Isle of Forgetfulness. A ship is sinking in the Bay of Wealth. The place names are full of puns, and full of truth. It’s no mistake that the Mountains of Work are surrounded by the Plains of Solitude.

The largest city is that of Change. The mapmakers even include a map of Change’s subway system. The red line starts at Thesis and ends at Anti-Thesis. The green line starts at Revolution, passes through Risk, and ends at Funeral.

I could find only one map image on the internet.But this should act as an appetizer.

I love this book. I don't read it so much as savor it.

I can't emphasize how good this book is, any reader would fall in love with this book. A case of love-at-first-sight, one might say :) .

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Zilch ( I can't think of a title :| )

With engineering over and IIML joining still about a month away ,I now have plenty of time on my hands.

Hence the prolific book reading.

Just read "Five Point Someone" By Chetan Bhagat

The book is written in very simple language, Chetan Bhagat is not trying to emulate Shakespeare.The story is good, with many threads running in parallel.It is centered around three IIT batchmates and their four years of growing up.

While things are exaggerated to probably a rather high degree at times, All in all the story is free flowing and the book is rather short.A 3 hour sitting will get you through this.

Any engineer would be able to identify with the kind of opinions thats these three kids have about all the mugging and banality about engineering lectures..

The thing i liked the most about the books was the budding romance between one of the three boys and a daughter of a prof. Their encounters are described well and leave one with a dreamy look, making one thin about their own childhood romances.

Don't go for this one if you are looking for literary value.You'll find more than the books share of "damn"s and "fuck"s !

Anyone who has just passed out of engineering is bound to enjoy this, and anyone looking to have a peek into engineering life will find the book a real eye opener.

If i were to rate this book , I'd give it a 5.5/10 .

In addition to the book reading , a lot of other stuff has been keeping me busy.One rather enjoyable tast currently is the choosing of a moile phone.I have decided to rid myslf of the mind-numbingly-boring Reliance handset i have.

I've narrowed down to 2-3 phones.Just can't decide now ,am stuck !

The one phone that is leading right now is the Nokia 3220.Have a look :)

And yes, before i sign off, I gotta mention my experience in the library today.I went in at 11 AM , came out at 6 PM. Just to get one "No Dues" Cerificate. Ahhhh , how i love the pace at which things move in college.