Stoned Racounteur

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Do you ever feel that you would just give anything to go away to those peaceful mountains for a day or two? Have a piping hot cup of tea sitting on a wooden bench besides a small hut.The cool wind blowing with tiny droplets of water in it, just brushing against your face and you forget all your problems and you can just "be".

Nice scene innit?

Too bad you cant go there.

Here's the next best thing

I recently read this book and i felt like i was sitting in some english county where time had stopped.Life is described to be poetically simple. It is a story of a teaching inspector who goes to different schools and talks to children about their teachers.

The book has some really funny parts describing the inspector's experiences with real imaginative children.Some of the lines really tickle the funny bone and will leave you with a big smile on your face.

You can be sure that everything generally turns out all right in the end, though, and the bad teacher or errant schoolchild sees the error of their ways and becomes a better person.

If you want to feel like a little kid for a while and have an afternoon to spare, this is the book you want.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blown away !

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting books i have read.I was earlier a little apprehensive about Dan Brown, given the mass hysteria,and was kinda disappointed by "The Da Vinci Code".But "Angels and Demons" has taken me with utter astonishment at the brilliance of the author.Have read some 200 pages only till now but this book is mind blowing.The book is so god damn interesting that it is making me want to go into pure Physics as a career :P

An exotic mix of Physics, Religion and the eternal struggle between Science and Theology.

This one is not to be missed.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Why am i hearing news of her gettin' married ?

Why does it take people so friggin' hard to understand simple stuff ?

Why do people pay good money to attend a lecture and then irritate the hell out of the teacher by giggling among themselves?

Why do intelligent people behave in an irresponsible manner ?

Why the f*** does it have to be hot as hell in Delhi ?

Why do I have to implement "The EM algorithm" to complete my B.E. ?

What the hell is an "EM algorithm" anyways ?

Why would anyone like to invent a monster like DSP ?

Why arent there enough movies of Elisha Cuthbert ?

Why has "Laloo has now put on his undie and is proceeding towards the wardrobe" become breaking news on national TV ?

What is with IIML sending a 200 page book on "How to read balance sheets", before joining ?

Who the hell is Mallika Sherawat and why is she getting so much media coverage?

Screw it, I'm goin' 'ome !



Monday, May 16, 2005

Almost Done !

*stretches body for a long post*
*watches people click on the close button :P*

Muahahahahahaha...i just wrote my last engineering exam a couple of days ago.Surprisingly enough the papers seemed like an implicit hint from the teachers that they wanted us to pass just as much as we wanted to.

No more Fourier.
No more Laplace.
No more Transistors.
No more Machines.
No more Filters.
No more Microprocessors.

Damn That sounds nice :)

But it aint over , the techie bastards won't let me go quite yet, the final year project evaluation beckons in another two weeks.

But its only one part of engineering that i have come to abhor.The other part that involves hostels,thassa,friends,DPs, night outs is something that i would never miss for anything.

Made the best friends of my life at college, I'll really miss my hostel.The umpteen trips at 3 in the night for "cha" and sutta.The zillions of "topo"fied assignments and ED sheets.The thrill of college electricity blanking out just before the exam day, nothing beats that fun.

The countless nights spent in max timepass mode with topics ranging from girls(a popular topic for tp) to cricket to religion to life to companies to MBA to sutta to supplies to daru and back to girls :).I think i have gained more gyaan about how people think and behave from these chats than from any other source.

I'll never forget the cribbing that ensued if we'd be chatting endlessly for hours and if anyone would be asked to get the bottle of water filled , all hell would break loose and aruments and counter arguments would follow on why X should go and not Y or Z.If there is one thing the hostle has done it has made a lot us real lazy bums .

Things i will miss the most about college

Hostel mates
Daru parties
Watching max arbit movies in Hostel/Halls
Gaming like crazy on the LAN
Staying awake till 7 in the morning
Placement days
Scaring Juniors
Cribbing about having to study tech
And of course,Hostel mates

The last four years have been a real roller coaster ride.When i joined 4 years ago i was hell bent on an MBA , then wanted to go for MS in the US of A. Then poor acds made me scurry back to an MBA and here i am heading for IIML.

By the grace of god(read teachers :P) i have not had any supplies till now.Only the project evaluation remains.

May the force be with me.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Curriculum Vitae


P.S : Don't forget to turn on your speakers :)