Stoned Racounteur

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Of Bulls, Bears and Cupid

Back after a long break. Not that I was busy( As is often the case with B-schoolers :P or So i have heard) , but the simple phenomenon called laziness just took on gargantuan proportions.

Participated in the second stock trading competition after coming to IIML, and made some money as well :).Interesting thing though is that so much money is pumped into the markets these days by these competitions, over 1 crore if we consider just the most recent competition, it just seems that the market is not exactly the place to have a game. Though what such games do is that they highlight the positive aspect of stock markets, hardly anyone remebers that there is a bearish face to the markets as well. All of a sudden, junta's interest in careers such as equity research or trading and fancy words like put call parity shoots up !

Indeed, Money can do funny things to people, Yours truly included ;).In fact two researchers at Berkeley have found some interesting results about the correlation between money and happiness.

About the cupid in the title, well what do you get when you combine mush with just the right moment? My philophobia just got kicked to death.


P.S: @Vishy: I didn't need tips from Prashant !

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beer Break :)

Between all the drinking( On all but one day till now ...woohooo!!!)...somehow...god knows how...but I'm reading this.

Brilliant and kinda non-economicky !

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new Year

Hope it's a "happy" year for you :)