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Wednesday, July 27, 2005



Saturday, July 23, 2005

Revelations from Inside

As a part of my I-won't-repeat-my-mistakes-in-engineering drive I have been trying to study for the past few days.

Something peculiar happened today.We had a QAM quiz .Fairly straightforward quiz and I was rather dissapointed by this fact since I was hoping for a fk-all quiz so that the commerce junta(Not quite my favourite lot, more on this later) would get a feel of what we engineers go through everytime we have a MANAC quiz.

5 minutes into the quiz, I was good and done, feeling satisfied that atleast I didn't mess up in a subject I know I'm good.Then the prof came in and wrote the most important formula on the board.

I was surprised by what i felt then, weird RG psychology crept in.I cursed under my breath.RG, for the uninitiated, is Relative Grading.

This was not something that I could identify with.Having had a don't-give-a-tiny-rat's-ass attitude in four years of engineering had made me impervious to trivialities such as grades, exams et al.Never could I imagine such a response.

This is Weird Shit indeed. Not something I am especially proud of.

Coming back to junta from commerce background.Barring exceptions, I have somehow found the lot to be rather , hmmmmm how do I put they have a pole shoved up their bum.They seem to have a frown on their face all the time and their smirks during the MANAC class make me want to crush their *beep* .

Here's an example :

MANAC Prof : So will the expenditure be capitalized ?

Commerce Asshole : Depends on the how big my head is . Since I have done a B.Com and I am a CA as well, I am superior to all engineers and hence my propensity to act like a bitch.

MANAC Prof : Very nice explanation indeed.

Commerce Asshole : Smirks and places his sorry ass back on the seat.

This is only one of many incidents.

Disclaimer: These are my views and I have met exceptions the same.Just that I have met quite a few who fit the bill.

Have a good day .


Friday, July 22, 2005


For those not familiar with the term "MANAC", its a euphemism for "Wipe that smirk off your face you ignorant fool."

The struggle with MANAC will be a long one with MANAC-1 alredy massive screwing power and more to come in later terms.

Apart from this, am having a ball with COMM, basically a subject on how to read and speak(And yeah ,lest i forget,How to listen) in english.Basically a half credit course which'll end in another 2 weeks.Am readin "Good to Great" as a project.

The book pleasantly surprised me. On hearing the name , I was like "Ugghhhhhhhh another 200 pages filled with refined BS aka Globe", but its a very insightful book backed by some solid research.

Picked up Soros on Soros from the library, yet to start reading it :P .

And yeah.

Recent lessons include :

1.Saying that "I work well in groups" and actually doing it are two completely different things.
2.Finding a girl will be damn hard here.The competition is tougher than CAT :).
3.Sleep is inversely proportional to the time you spend in arbit chit chat.One can manage to sleep 6 hours , given the right time management.
4.CAs are your saviours.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Opener

Read this.You'll be surprised.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Freedom of Speech

Rohit Kaul just quit blogging on his public blog.

I am not aware of the exact reasons but do know enough to say that it is amazingly ironic that people who are at the insti to to attend a PG course can be so utterly immature.

I sympathize with Kaul and here is my " Fuck Off! " to everyone who thinks that freedom of speech needs to be restricted.

Its OK if you don't agree with someone, learn to accept it .

Some people just never grow up.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

First Impressions


I will not write about the routine stuff like how much you get to sleep and how the profs keep you on your toes and all that.

The few things that have struck me the most (not necessarily positive or negative) are :

Coffee is your lifeline.

Stress on CG is massive.When is say massive I mean MASSIVE.

Learning is proportional to how much you want to learn, resources are there and the impetus lies solely on you.

Most people are not "studs".Some are.

Seniors are extremely helpful.

For engineers, the best thing is that pretty much everything is new.Hence its much more interesting than DSP, Digi Comm and the likes.

More Later.