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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Equator, OMFG!!!, Mommy,I hit the jackpot!

The initial part of the title of this post reflects the inability of the author to define whether he is (dis)satisfied with his summer internship.From googling end on to my first ever meeting with a potential client, the experiences have been "interesting", to use a euphimism. While it is hard to digest when someone(especially when that someone is not your boss) says "mazaa nahin aaya" after you have built a humongous spreadsheet after 3 days of continous googling and looking through the nook and crannies of the world wide web, It does not overshadow when you are patted on your back by your boss for doing great work.

So thats been the story till now, troughs and crests. But hey ,atleast i get to work on "Private Equity" deals. Little does the wide eyed world know not all work behind an "LBO"( as some experts like to call 'em) or a rich guy buying part of a company (for the uninitiated) is as glamorous as it is made out to be.Educate yourself here.

The second part of the title represents his emotions on life on the personal front :).While previously I have been sceptical of all things related to cupid-ish properties, I have now come across new and unchartered territories which have pleasantly surprised me to say the least.My fingers are crossed.I am not afraid.

Now,the explanation for the third part of the title.On account of heavy googling I have come across this awesome resource.For anyone and everyone even remotely interested in shares\ stocks\ investments\ economy\ business\ finance\ money,Check these out :).

Equity Research\Industry\ Economy Reports

Investment Instrument Softwares

The biography of an unsung god

This is the goldmine you were always looking for, and yeah believe it or not, It's all free!!!