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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Holi Mubarak Ho!

Happy Holi Guys!

Hope you all have a helluva time!

P.S: Am having to deal with hell getting these colours off :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Steven McCurry

Mid sems goin on...IIML interview over...was very average...neways you can read it here

I was just looking at this site....its a truly awesome collection of stupendous photography...i really liked some of the pics and included the best ones on India on the blog.

I found the holi pic to be the most beautiful one of all of them....something bout the colours maybe...anwyayz if u liked these pics you can see more here.


PS Edit: Apparently the site seems to have blocked my links...maybe they are copyrighted.Anywayz do visit the site for the pics.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

IIMC interview done !

Hey guys...

for IIMC interview click here

am too lazy to even copy-paste the whole thing and gotta prep for IIML tomorrow



Friday, March 11, 2005

Get Real!

Just watched a fascinating episode of “The contender” on AXN. It’s a reality show based on boxers. They’ve grouped up 16 boxers into two teams and the contenders from the groups fight each other on the basis of sudden death. The boxer left in the end wins a cool $ 1,000,000.00, ain’t that nice!

After switching channels I got HBO which had this nasty movie on flies or something just as gross so I flipped channels and finally got to Star world and a rather imaginatively named program called “Outback Jack” was on. This, again, was a reality show. The plot revolves around a man”Jack” from down under (Which would explain outback) and many beautiful women who are in a race to woo him. Since I watched only like half an episode I cant really say if there is any money involved or not!

Other shows that I can recall which were similar to the one above are

For love or money: 1 guy, many girls and in the end the girl who is left is given a choice between 1 million dollars and the guy. Just for the record the girl chose the million dollars and dumped the guy!

For love or Money 2: The girl mentioned above was given a choice to go for the money or take a shot at 12 guys to find “true love” but forfeit the money.The guy she chose, rejected the money(2 million dollars this time) and chose her!

(P.S.: They got to keep the 2 million dollars in the end too)

Temptation island: Many couples on the brink of marriage, taken to an island with hot chickas and greek gods to test the participants faith! These are the kind of programs that give TVs gonorrhea!

“The apprentice” is another show of the same genre (i.e. reality TV not sleazy reality TV).It is produced by that bastard (Donald Trump!) and revolves around “managing” events. Here is the plot, there is a group of young and talented professionals from all walks of life, and they are given opportunities to show their organizing skills and team skills by way of managing big events like Concerts or Openings or sometimes with something as simple as a pet care clinic. I am fairly sure that the prize in this one is monetary; correct me if I am wrong guys.A friend of mine from IITD seems to think that this show is the best thing that happenend to him during engineering.

There are others like who dares wins, fear factor, Indian idol (the Americans started it and many Indians seemed to have liked the Indian version) and of course the one that started it all….The Survivor!

So what makes these shows so successful? Why do we love to see reality TV? Maybe its because it’s a lot of fun to watch an normal person respond to abnormal situations or maybe its because of the “real” emotions of the participants or maybe just the vicarious thrill!

Whatever it is , reality TV is here to stay!

P.S: Amazingly enough, I have still not started prepping for IIMC on 15th.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

'K'ool interview @ K

I've been a bit of a lazy arse for the last few dayz...too much sleeping and no work...anywayz, my IIMK interview was on 6th March @ 9 Am @ IMI's the transcript...

GD: well I had a gr8 GD this time, not a vague wun like IIMA...

The PI:

M- Me P- Stud prof S- Silent prof M- good mornin Sir!
P- Mornin ,morning!
P- which companies have ya been placed in?
M- TCS n Mindtree…
P- which wun r ya gone choose?
M- Mindtree
P- Why
M- talks bout smaller company, higher growth, more interaction wid seniors, involved in social welfare programs
P- how do u define growth?(why am I asked such global questions )
M- revenues, employees arbit chit chat….
P- how does revenue growth affect u as an employee?
M- If the mgt is willing, benefits passed on to employees….
.S - is that the only criteria then? Money?
M- No sir, one of the criteria, but an imp one
S- what else?
M- learnin opportunities
P- howz Mindtree better than TCS in those terms?
M- sir it has a flatter hierarchy and open culture….even at the lowest rung of chain I can go upto seniors n talk to ‘em…get to learn a lot more…
P- So has mindtree done justice to what it planned?
M-ya sir one of the fastest growing companies n USP was a stud mgt team, still there…somewhere mentioned bout work culture…
P- relate work culture to the term culture…
M- globe………
P- so what are these employer rating agencies?
M- rates on basis of diff parameters…employee satisfaction…etc
P- name one
M- Hewitt associates
P- which companies at the top?
M—Fedex and TI…positions 1 and 2 reversed this year
P – so tell me…relate revenue growth to employee satisfaction…
M- relates…
P- so we have a kind of a circle dun we/
M- yes sir…
P- so who loses if I pay the employees more
M- sir since the co has fixed resources…less capital left to invest back into the company…
P- ok suppose if I own a shop, there’s a shop floor guy n a manager…the manager decides to give him more money on the basis of better performance…dun I lose then?
M- sir if the revenue has gone up means the floor guy has done a gd job, hence rewarding him is fair since he is the reason that sales going up…while u might get less profit in short term, in the end u will benefit…
P- relate this to dividends(me had written stock mkts in interests )
M- u pay div, have less to invest in company left but retain suitable investors..blah blah
P- which companies tend not to pay dividends…
M- depends both on company policay as well as market culture…in UK there is a culture of giving dividends come wht may, while In India a company which is new and needs capital to invest back may not issue dividends
P- which company gives div?
M- Infy did+ bonus shares…
P- which dun?
M- dunno any specific company but like I told before based on capital requirements
P- c’mon u r close to the answer..stretch ur mind a lil…so would a company like L & T give div?
M- possible coz it’s a large company with adequate resources n wud like to retain faithful investors…
P- do u invest?
M- only by proxy, dun earn meself so if I convince my pop then he invests..
P- which company?
M- Dena bank…IPO…globe
P- u’ve mentioned abt case studies …u organize?
M- take part as well as organize…both @ coll n outside….
P- recent?
M- globe abt case study contest thread I saw on an online forum
P- which forum?
P- when did it start?
M- ‘02
P- we have a student here, he is also part of this forum, ravi
M- yes yes, know him
S(Now silent guy wakes up to kick my ass using the tool called “acads”)
S- so communication engineer huh?
M- yes sirrrrrrrrrrr (plz dun do this to me man!)
S- so I see u’ve done a course on antennaes
M- Yes( Now way man! Anything but antennas (plz stop plz…)
S- so whats this DTH
M- tells lil bit…
S- howz it diff frm erlier…
M- talks abt AM FM QAM
S- modulation haan?M- yes sir…
S- where dus it take place? Set top box?
M- no sir demodulation on set top box modulation at source…
S- draws dish antenna n dipole antenna…now @ wt height is the dish @?
M- no idea sir
S- frequency?
M- GHz
S- earlier?
M- not sure but mebbe 900 Mhz but not sure…
S- so u mentioned in the GD bout regulatory authorities….can u name any?
P- but that’s for a specific sector…
M- yes sir telecom…
S- any authority for all bureaus?
M- dunno
M- ya sirr…chief vigilance commission
S- dya know that they’ve some out wid ratings for IAS?
M- no sir…
S- its on their website…
M- haven’t visited it sir
P- ok, any other calls?
M- all except I
P- had any interviews yet?
M- yes, IIMA
P- hmmm, allright then All the best!( Man why me , why do they wish me this in all the intws )
P- thank you Rohit
M – thanks sir…n walks out

It lasted about 20-25 minutes…Aprrt from the acads part I think the interview went well…I have a gud feeling bout this but gawd only knows what the people frm IIMs are looking for….waiting for feedback…Ciao


P.S: the guy after me was also wished “ATB” but he had a fantabulous PI…so I’m not worried bout it

Friday, March 04, 2005

I am me !

If there was ever an ironical statement, this is it: We are all unique, just like everyone else.

Yes, as obvious as the title sounds sometimes in life we try so hard not to be ourselves that it’s silly. I have noticed this particular thing especially in the past one month with the blog and interview preparations being the main harbingers of this realization.

Now if I talk about the interview part first. I am a guy who is not the hardest worker in the world, period! I can’t cram stuff simply because it’ll get me better grades, I will rather read a book that really interests me rather than one that’ll add more “value”, I’d rather hang out at my beloved hostel than read another chapter of Digital communication. I would choose having a beer binge followed by a rocking JAM session (aka Thursday) than a session spent on studying my B.Tech. Project. I’d rather work on something that works my grey cells crazy and doesn’t fetch me anything rather than working on mind- numbing crap which gets me closer to some material goal.

I know that all this will sound amazingly irresponsible to many of you reading this but that’s who I am! Irresponsible, yeah, if you think so, but I really don’t give a shit if you ask me. I am tired of trying to become a “ghissu” (aka bookworm) , sorry that just ain’t me!

I have been trying so hard for the past few days to fight the urge and not to have fun and study things that I have studied before and cram them up just that little bit better but I have now realized that there is no point fretting over what is not my nature. I can study things only once, period!

I have wondered throughout my four years in college about what it is that makes people study so damn hard and what drives them into such cramming sessions. Now I realize that they are just like that. Half of them don’t know what they are doing and 99% don’t know why they are doing whatever it is that they are doing!

This particular thing is not just with regards to studying. I had posted while ago about a girl I have had a soft spot for since the last 10 years. Now at least 10 people (including her!) Since then have told me that why is it that I cling to the past and why don’t I embrace new relationships. I thought a lot about what everyone told me and was confused as to why I had these unending thoughts about the same person for a whole decade while others seem to fall in love faster than they can learn the other person’s name!

The answer was simple, I am me.