Stoned Racounteur

Monday, December 18, 2006

Please stop !

Lack of anything to do has led me to extensively explore orkut. What I have found is amusing, with tinge of gross-ness (sic). While I will try and bring out the best cases of attacks on English grammar that I have observed, it is simply not possible to understand the severity with which some people have molested the queen's language.

This one i found on the profile of a supposed girl, I have severe doubts about the veracity of her sex since the profile pic belongs to an actress. Anyways, the intro goes so :

"ohhhhhhhh. myself a pinkish face (wtf!) girl witha beutifu dimples love to be hang out( wonder how it is to be hang out :O ) with my to parties and studing tooo....kk ab jada nahi kah saktii....its net"


Another proposal of a romeo goes this way :

" hie (hie??? , how hard is it to spell hi) actually these dayz i join da orkut and i dnt hve enof friends n orkut thats y i add u ,f u dnt mind can u add me as lyka frind .any way wht do u do and yh we will talk more abt each other after adding me bye cyh"


Then there are poets :

There are 3 Chambers
in my HEART.
1 for PAPA,1 for MAA,
1 for GOD.
oh! wat about u dear?
Sorry no place for u
in my Heart........
bcoz frendz like u
are my Heartbeat..!
if u like this scrap then reply i m waiting 4.
cu later

Jeeez dood, Get a life for gawd sakes !

I love this one :)

Roses Are Red
Violets are Blue,
I have many friends
but I vant to friendship with you.

Hehe...I vant to laugh my guts out to this one :)

I don't know what to say about this one

do u like tooo be a nice friend ship with me!

Some leave the subtlety aside :|

hi anu,
kya aap mujhe apne upar line maarne ki izzazat dengi.. i will be grateful to u!!

The convincer ;-)

hi swthrt..u r looking awsome..wannan be frand with u.. Seriouly speaking u r too gud
Just wanna see u
\Do reply

Killer Franship offer :

♥ Heyyyyyy Dere Gorgeous ♥ Do U Eat MagiC CharmZ ?! Caz Ur loOkinG sO MaGicallY bEautifUl .. neWaYZ whTzuP ?! ♥

I just haven't laughed so much in a while. Who says Indians don't have a sense of humor, man can they make you laugh or what .

Just to top it all, the one that rules all the franship offers ,

Good Morning. Yes I dont knows you. I admires people who wear flats becuase its looks elegant. I am scracping you becuase its first step in knowing you.I just here to make sum gud frnds.If u r not not typical..n feel comfortable coz every one has diff. intellectual so v can b frnds..other wise take gud care Of urz Regards

Heppy franship !

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The official flag of Amsterdam

Surprised ?

Friday, December 15, 2006

The rude eye opener and other short stories :) - Part 1

About three months ago, I set out on what was to become the most interesting trip of my life till now. On the 17th of September, with dreams and expectations in my eyes, I boarded the flight from Delhi International Airport to Istanbul, en route to Lyon.

Lo behold! As soon as I descended from the plane to the bust, for the short stop over in Ataturk Airport, the cool air hit me. And like a self fulfilling prophecy, this reinforced the fact that Europe is all about cool breezes, chilled beer and hot babes.

The 2 hour wait and the following 1 hour delay in the flight brought me a little closer to sea level but I was still flying pretty high. Another 3 hours of flying from istabul and hit the destination.

First stop : Lyon, France.

A city whose people are famous for being clique-ishand eating lasge quantities of sausiccon. Not too much fun being the dood trying to understand a weird language when everything sounds like sau-poaun-sisson ( Pity I cant clearly depict the intense nasal tone ). Anyways, I was still determined that the real fun lay in the oft-acclaimed Europe travel, covering countries sounding as exotic as Luxembourg :) to the well known Germanies and Switzerlands of the world.

The first day in Lyon was interesting, to say the least.